Friday, February 21, 2014

False Dawn?

Red Sea denizen (Andrew Wright, 2014)
I hadn't seen him in two years. He'd long since left L.A., teaching, any sort of steady job, steady income, steady life. He was in Aspen, Dakar, Bangkok. Once in a while I got a dirt-smeared postcard from out of the amazing pipeline, exotic stamps, a mad trembling hasty scrawl of which the only legible term was "dude." (Boyle, 1994)

It's been a while. When I first moved from Bangkok to Saudi Arabia, I thought that the lack of a two hour daily commute to work might free up some time for other endeavors, such as this blog. However, the flotsam of life has tossed up plenty of alternative distractions to prevent this. Still, there is hope. In the next post I hope to talk about Beyond the Pit, which has basically taken two years to finish, and how happy I am to finally see it in print!


Boyle, T. C. (1994). Without a Hero. London: Penguin.