Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Return to Titan!

Titan - the Fighting Fantasy world, by Steve Luxton
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Steve Luxton has sent me another amazing map of the Fighting Fantasy world of Titan which you can see above. I think this map is virtually finalised in terms of land alignment, and you can see on the left that there's now a key for all the major settlements of the three continents of Titan.

There's a few corrections to be made, but the next step is to consider whether there needs to be any more information or settlements added to this map. After that, we can probably look at discussing some of the individual continental maps of Allansia, Khul and the Old World.

Comments welcome!


  1. Could we get this in higher resolution?? WONDERFUL map!

  2. Looks beautiful.

    I have just two queries. I think they were probably discussed before but I can't remember the outcome. Firstly, is the colour supposed to indicate climactic variation? Because if so, I think the northern coast of The Old World should be more temperate than northern Allansia, and should be greener.

    Secondly, are we sure about the scale? 500 miles per square means if, say, Port Blacksand was London, the Desert of Skulls would be in northern France, and the Icefinger mountains would start somewhere around Birmingham.. Surely double this scale would seem more appropriate?

  3. Hey people, - glad you like it - Steve will be happy!

    @Kimmen - There's a few corrections that need to be made, and then we'll see about putting up a higher resolution version - maybe in the files section of Titan_Rebuilding.

    @Torus - I think you're right that the northern coast of the Old World, except perhaps the Northlands above Gallantaria, should be more temperate.

    As for scale, it's fairly tricky. The original Allanisia (the NW corner) was a fairly small space that probably didn't translate too well when expanded into a continent sized map. Given there has never been an official scale for Titan you're probably at liberty to choose which is best for you. Certainly on Titan_Rebuilding and elsewhere there have always been long and protracted discussions on Titan and its size!

    Thanks for the comments! :-)

  4. Out of interest, has anyone ever tried to make a (relatively) comprehensive atlas of Amarillia? We have one gamebook, four novels, a boardgame and a puzzle book as material, and Amarillia seems to be a fairly interesting setting as well.

  5. The map is looking excellent! I am definitely looking to the continent maps, where I might be able to make some more useful comments.

    As for Amarillia, it is covered quite extensively in the Atlas of Titan that is available on my website, in terms of both the maps and test references.

  6. Okay I went and looked here: to see how Steve estimated the scale. It seems he based this on a distance of 60 miles between Blacksand and Oyster Bay. This distance seems fine, and like you say we only have an idea of distances within NW Allansia (The Teeming Plains). But then the continent scale depends on how accurately the distance between these (rather close) points was drawn on the map Steve measured from. I would rather just compress this and other distances in NW Allansia on the final map, so that the overall scale is increased.

    Otherwise it seems impossible to reconcile the map with references to the Flatlands being a vast steppe, or the Desert of Skulls being huge and uncrossable.

  7. @Hamza: Simon's Atlas of Titan is indeed an excellent reference for Amarillia and other worlds besides. Also, there's the crude beginnings of a mini-wiki here:

    @Simon: I'm looking forwards to Khul and the Old World too!

    @Torus: I get what you're saying, that on the overall Allansia map the NW section needs to be compressed a bit and the rest expanded, as well as possibly altering the scale. Definitely something to consider in future!

    Thanks for all your comments!



  8. Not only kids love fantasy adults too. It brings back our childhood memory.

  9. Hi everyone, after a long adventure involving some rather wild times I am back in the game.

    It's great to see all the comments and confusion about the map. Regarding the scale, the references and descriptions are, as you know, incomplete and sometimes contradictory.

    The important thing to consider is that this is a 2D representation of a globe and there will always be some distortion. All will be made clear when you see photos of the spherical model...

    @Jimmy: Editing existing places is probably the easiest way to start. If you find another way that works better, please let me know. :)


  10. ... which you can find at Mr Nibbs New Maps.

  11. I've started building Allansia (specifically the area between Chalice & Stonebridge) for use in the Pathfinder game as i've always wanted to roleplay in this region. The players are doing well & have discovered various factions of goblinoids (from the Craggen Heights & the Moonstone Hills) & explored as far as the Icefinger Mountains thanks to an ancient portal deep in Darkwood Forest....

    1. New maps are underway. The developments are being discussed on Arion Games AFF2 forum along with some new information from Marc Gascoigne.