Saturday, June 8, 2024

A selection of trinkets available for sale at the market in Rimon

Alabaster Scarab (#9/30, #161/365) [EA:V2] (Enchanted Item) 

This is an ornamental scarab amulet, carved from a lump of veined alabaster, and is actually an ancient lucky charm of the Djaratian beetle god Khepra Darkshell (see Rough Guide to the Pit, p. 44). Anyone who wears it may deduct one from the dice roll when they Test their Luck.


Crystal Pyramid (#10/30, #162/365) [EA:V2] (Trinket) 

This small pyramid has been carved out of a block of quartz crystal (see Encyclopedia Arcana: Volume 1, p. 81); it refracts the light from the sun inside it into a myriad colours. The ancient Djaratians of the Desert of Skulls built pyramid-shaped tombs to harness the power of pyramidal magic, unleashing latent energies of preservation and regeneration upon their contents, and the Crystal Pyramid acts as a adjunct and conduit to that power. Anyone bearing a Crystal Pyramid in such a chamber within a Djaratian ruin may add one to the below dice-roll to determine the extent of the pyramid's magical energies:

Dice Roll Result

1-2 Restore STAMINA to Initial score and add 1 LUCK point.

3-4 Restore SKILL and STAMINA to their Initial scores and regain 2 LUCK points.

5-6 Restore SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK to their Initial scores, and weapon is enchanted to add +1 to Attack Strength for the next battle only.


Carved Bone Horn (#11/30, #163/365) [EA:V2] (Enchanted Item) 

This is a large horn carved from a single piece of bone, usually from a Desert Bison. It is well-made but otherwise unremarkable. Such horns are used by Xoroa warriors to summon reinforcements when in trouble. Blowing such a horn in an area inhabited by the Xoroa will summon 2-7 Xoroa warriors who will arrive as quickly as they can. Blowing it right next to a Xoroa hive will summon 4-24 Xoroa warriors instantly. The Xoroa will attack the bearer of the horn unless they are a Xoroa or can communicate in their click-based language. If communication is possible the Xoroa may be persuaded, through usual Social Special Skill rolls, to help the horn-bearer, such as join their side in a fight, or give directions to a nearby cave or ruin.



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