Wednesday, July 3, 2024

"Cut-me-own-throat" Dibbler II

CUT-THROAT (#6/31, #188/365) [POT]




WEAPON: See below

ARMOUR: See below


HABITAT: Towns, Towns (Sewers), Dungeons, Ruins, Caves, Forests, Hills, Plains, Wilderness, Sea, Lake, Rivers


TYPE: Humanoid

REACTION: Unfriendly-Hostile


Of all the bloodthirsty thugs, ruffians and outlaws out there, some say CUT-THROATS are the worst. Poorer sailors than pirates, less competent trackers than bandits, Cut-Throats are only in it for all the money and treasure they can get their hands on, and the chance to cause spectacular violence, mayhem and murder. Violent, backstabbing scoundrels, Cut-Throats are typically armed to the teeth (roll twice on the weapon table below, ignoring duplicate rolls) and wear scraps of leather armour or carry a shield (roll once on the armour table below). They attack ferociously, en-masse and without honour, but are cowardly at heart and if three of them are slain or their leader is defeated, the remainder will cut and run, fleeing the battle.

DIE ROLL CUT-THROAT WEAPON (Roll twice, ignoring duplicates)

1 Needleknife

2 Dagger

3 Sword

4 Scimitar

5 Shortsword

6 Throwing Dagger


1 Leather Cuirass

2-3 Small Shield

4-5 Leather Jack

6 Leather Hauberk

If six or more Cut-Throats are encountered, one will be a CUT-THROAT LEADER (SKILL 8 STAMINA 15, roll for weapons and armour as above). One of the more infamous Cut-Throat Leaders of recent times was Baba Lai. A short, dark lady with a mischievous glint in her eye and wearing practical clothes along with a sheathed shortsword, Baba Lai's robber band of bloodthirsty cut-throats notoriously terrorized the borders of Arantis and elsewhere across the southern lands. Their reign of chaos came to an end in a sorry fashion - attempting to rob the manse of the Riddling Reaver, Baba Lai and her Cut-Throats were captured by a Genie, shrunk in size, and imprisoned within a series of wine-bottles. Legend has it they are there still, endlessly tapping at the glass walls of their bottle prisons until freed by a foolish wanderer.

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