Monday, May 22, 2023

Crossroads Cavern

Crossroads Cavern (#22/31; #142/365)

"The tunnel you have been following opens up into a small roughly squarish cavern with a new tunnel opening in each of the other three walls. Dust and rubble are piled up against the walls, but trails, trod with footprints, criss-cross from one tunnel to the next."

Contents: Most of the footprints are from Skorn, N'yadach, and (rarely) Night Stalkers. One entrance has several bloodstains, leading to the Night Stalkers ambush, the other two to the Skorn and N'yadach lairs are well trod, and the last appears to be worked with stone and inscribed with Djaratian and Vatosian scripts that read "Arvakaten". 

There is nothing in the rubble, but if the Heroes spend time searching it then there is double the regular chance of wandering monsters appearing from one of the entrances.

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