Thursday, May 25, 2023

More Third Level Chambers (Enter the Brain Slayers!)...

Secret Stairs Down (#23/31; #143/365)

"The tunnel ends in an elaborately carved panel of sandstone, depicting a series of hieroglyphs and the image of a robe man with hands outstretched. There appears to be no further way forward."

Contents: The panel is actually a secret door; the image is of T'Lobye, the Djaratian god of doors and portals. If translated, the hieroglyphs read "Greet T'Lobye, Master of Portals, and enter". One must touch each of T'Lobye's carved hands with their own hands, both at the same time, and there will be a faint click. The panel can be slowly pushed backwards, revealing a cramped, circular flight of stairs winding down to level four of the Found Tombs of Arvakaten.

Perimeter Traps (#24/31; #144/365)

"The tunnel enters a large cave with another exit on the far side. The entire cave is covered in piles of ochre-coloured sand, apart from a narrow trail that runs from one side of the cave to the other, connecting the tunnels. Here and there a bone or two protrude from the sand."

Contents: This chamber is a perimeter trap on the edge of Brain Slayer territory. Anyone who is not a Brain Slayer or Flayer (or who appears to be a Brain Slayer or Flayer, or who is in the company of such creatures), will be attacked by four Sand Snappers once they are halfway across the cavern. The Sand Snappers will concentrate their attacks on those attempting to enter Brain Slayer territory, and will subsume under the sand if the intruders retreat back the way they have come.

 If the Sand Snappers are slain and the sand is searched, Heroes will find the remains of previous victims, and among them, 8 Emerald Chips (worth 8GP), 12 GP in Carsepolitan coinage, a set of useable iron Banded Armour, and a clay gourd of slightly rancid Shroomshine Grog.


4 SAND SNAPPERS: SKILL 7 STAMINA 7 per tentacle (of which there are 2 per Sand Snapper), 2 Attacks, Tentacles (as per Small Claw), Heavy Armour, -1 to Damage Roll. If both tentacles win an Attack Round against a single opponent they will be dragged into the creature's mouth and bitter for 4 STAMINA points of damage and the loss of 1 SKILL point.

Rubbish Disposal Room (#25/31; #145/365)

"This is a large cave whose floor forms a natural pit full of ochre-coloured sand. Poking up from the sand are various bits and pieces of junk: old wicker furniture, broken statuary, rotting leather straps, the odd bone or skull."

Contents: This room serves as a refuse tip, into which the Brain Slayers and Flayers toss all their trash and rubbish. Lurking beneath the surface of the sand are three voracious Sand Squids that attack anyone entering the pit.

Searching the rubbish of the pit yields the following: 8GP in Carsepolitan coinage, 4GP of Emerald chips, a bone stiletto, an empty brass pot, a leather pouch with 3 pieces of chalk, and a Bronze Key.


3 SAND SQUIDS: SKILL 8 STAMINA 9, 4 Attacks, Tentacles (as per Large Claw) and Large Bite. Anyone fighting the Sand Squids in the pit must reduce their Attack Strength by 2.

Decontamination Chamber (#26/31; #146/365)

"This chamber has another exit on the far side, and a path leads across the floor to it, between two piles of orange-ochre sand. In the middle of the path is a free-standing bronze portal covered in weird squiggly writing; to get to the other side of the chamber one must walk through the portal."

Contents: This room serves as a decontamination chamber for Brain Slayers venturing back home after a sojourn up here near the surface (the writing on the portal reads: "No entry without cleaner"). The correct sequence of events is to reach into the sand, withdraw a SALTSUCKER (a weird seven-tentacled octopus-like creature), place it upon your head/body, where it will begin grazing on salt and debris present upon your skin, walk through the portal with the Saltsucker attached to you, then remove the Saltsucker and place it back in the sand piles.

Anyone attempting to enter the portal without a Saltsucker will be shocked for 1 STAMINA point of damage (2 if they are wearing metal armour),and hurled 1-6 meters backwards, away from the portal.

Anyone who attempts to go around the portal by wading through one of the sand pits on either side will immediately be attacked by all 6 Saltsuckers present in that pit.



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