Monday, September 18, 2023

Up in Tham Thar Hills...

Demon Shepherd Ambush (a.k.a. "Exploding Purple Goats") (#18/30, #261/365)

"You stumble over the top of a ridge and hear the sounds of mortal combat! Below you in the valley, several spear-bearing Fiend shepherds guarding a herd of goat-like Soy-Hijyez, are under attack from a quartet of apex demonic predators, four snarling Zeyjuvs, spitting flame in anger! One of the goat-things is too slow and caught by the fangs of a Zeyjuv. Dying, it explodes in a visceral blast of fury that send the rest of the red scaly creatures scuttling back. There's three now, that fourth appears to have been detonated. One of the shepherds draws a firepowder flintlock pistol from its belt and screams: 'Come on if you're well tough then! 

Bizarrely, some of the goat-creatures appear to be fading from view, to be turning invisible. As if matching them, the lizard creatures also turn invisible, marked only by flame and smoke, except for the dead one that lies gently steaming on the ground.

Will you intervene in this desperate ambush attack?"

Content: If the Heroes help the shepherds drive off the Zeyjuv predators, the Fiends will be grateful and thankful, but have little to offer other than advice and news of the uplands and any settlements here. For instance, they know the location to the lair of the necromancer Pagdulous of Phune, for they often deliver animals there for consumption by his troops.

If the Heroes attack the shepherds the Flintlock Pistol wielder will swear insults at them and cover the other two and the herds as they make their escape.


2-12 SOY-HIJYEZ, SKILL 8 STAMINA 6, Horns (as per Small Claw), Medium Armour. Spines cause 1 STAMINA damage to anyone who hits these exploding purple porcupine goats, if slain they detonate causing 2-12 STAMINA damage to anyone in the vicinity. Can turn invisible.

3 FIEND Shepherds: SKILL 6, STAMINA 8, Flintlock Pistol, Spear or Small Claw, Light Armour. Breathes Fire: hits on a 1-2 on one die for 1 STAMINA damage. The Shepherds have 1-6 GP, and ear plugs. Of the non-pistol bearing Fiends, the older one has a Brass Telescope, and the younger one has a Potion of Noise in a clay gourd.

3 ZEYJUV, SKILL 9 STAMINA 10, 2 Attacks, Large Bite and Acid Vomit, Light Armour. Test for Skill/Luck to avoid Acid Vomit once per battle, cause 4 STAMINA damage and has to be wiped off. Like their prey, can turn Invisible and flee if the battle is going badly.

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