Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Ye Olde Underground Magick Shoppe (#22/365)

Ye Olde Underground Magick Shoppe (#22/365)

The door to this room is magically locked and can only be opened by an appropriate Wizardry, Sorcery or Demi-Sorcery spell.

"This dark dingy room is piled high with shelves full of bric-a-brac and useless junk. Piles of cooking-ware, dusty and cobwebbed boxes, sacks and other receptacles overflow across the floor. A dim glow emanates from a green crystal upon the ceiling."

Contents: This is the emporium of the dungeoneering merchant and demi-sorcerer Shang Monua, currently being imprisoned by the Gnolls of the Tusk-Gnasher tribe in their larder (see room #10). 

Anyone randomly breaking into this room and searching it, must make a Test for Luck to discover anything useful from the below list of Shang's most valuable items. If Shang is freed, he will return here, and offer the Heroes two free items from the list below. Otherwise, everything is available at the price listed:

The secret door leads to a small chamber where Shang sleeps. It has a hammock, a lantern, 1-6 Provisions worth of hard ship's biscuits, a jug of fresh water, and a lurid book entitled 'Confessions of a Rat-Catcher' by Bransell Ralliwell (see Encyclopedia Arcana: Volume 1, p. 50)

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